Manufacturing Consulting

Your ERP system is like a performance sports car. You wouldn’t take it to the dealership or the local chain shop to maximize its capabilities. No, you would take it to the shop that has a reputation for turning our fastest, best-handling cars. Just like that boutique performance shop, OYBI is known for squeezing every last drop of performance out our ERP systems and improving the manufacturing businesses that use them. Our consultants have over 60 years of manufacturing experience combined from every level of the shop floor from temporary employee to President. Our breadth of experience allows us to relate to the individuals with which we are communicating no matter what their position is in the organization. We handle all of our implementations and continuous improvement projects with professionalism, empathy, and best change management practices.

  • Manufacturing Is Our Expertise
  • Improving your bottom line is what we live for
  • Custom reporting and analytics is how we help you succeed

ERP Customization

Sometimes there is that one nagging item on your wishlist that would make your job 10 times more relaxed, and other times there are complete processes that don’t fit into the structure of your ERP system. These are the types of challenges that we solve on a daily basis. We provide custom solutions that automate workflows, send emails, communicate with web applications, translate data between CAD/CAM packages, integrate with payroll systems, and more.

  • Higher return 
  • Smoother processes
  • Streamling business to create more profit

Custom Reporting and Analytics

ERP systems come with numerous reports. If there is a report for everything except your current need, reports that need additional data, or reports that need to be reformatted, we can meet your custom reporting needs. Data grids and dashboards are another item that we develop on a day to day basis. Check out the project pages for examples of some dashboards we have created that empower employees to get more done from one screen.

  • Custom one of a kind reports
  • Make fact based decsions
  • Predict and avoid future problems